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Happy thoughts:

Haven't posted pictures of the furfurs over here lately, so:


My friends list and comments have returned, yay! Missed y'all ;)

Livejournal, what is your problem?

My friends' page has been missing for more than a day, and now I can't even read comments from friends on old posts, new ones show me numerically that there's something there, but no text or username. I hope they fix it soon!

Tech low and high

so today I did this: http://www.theartofdoingstuff.com/the-most-comfortable-iphone-armband-ever-easy-diy/

and it works pretty well!

On the downside, my tracker (or rather the plastic clip) did this:

Is it not common sense that posting or sharing via the internet photos taken without consent (or often awareness), for the express or implied purpose of ridicule is a form of bullying? How can the same people who share kind and cute things intersperse them with humor that is so obviously mean-spirited?


More Netflix adventures

Finished Wallander. While it is a mystery/crime drama, it was much lighter than Top of The Lake. Great characterization of the main, and although everything in the series sort of floats in and out around him, it works well. He's flawed, dedicated, honest, loving but distanced, and there are no happy endings. One quirk: although the cast is British, all the dialogue is English, but all of the written props are in Swedish, read out in English. Since they filmed in Sweden, I can understand signage being Swedish, or mixed Swedish/English, as locations might be dressed. But his email, handwritten postcards and letters? Makes me wonder if they didn't borrow straight from the Swedish TV production's prop room.

Watched The Producers. While I still prefer Gene Wilder, it was quite a fun movie, Possibly the most I've ever enjoyed watching Will Ferrell.



So many different "tricks" for cleaning the dishwasher with vinegar. I'm trying the 1/2 of white vinegar on the top shelf, empty washer, full pots and pans cycle, In hopes of salvaging our 23 yr old dishwasher.... It's run in perfect health until a couple months ago, when it started leaving significant white film and grunge on everything. Fingers crossed! She's served well, for a very low-end machine of her age.


Making art is one of the most incredibly dangerous ventures a human being can undertake. It requires you to pour some measure of your soul into the physical world, mush it about, prod it with a stick, and offer it up to the world. If it doesn't find resonance out there in the great wild, some audience that understands, appreciates or fully experiences it, you never get that bit of your soul back.



I took a bit of a break from watching Netflix, but now am back and three seasons through Monk. I'm loving it, and so glad Netflix exists so I can watch these sorts of series on a whim, all at once :)